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Abbey Brut Sniper Gas - 750ml

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Brut Sniper Gas - 300g

Brut Sniper Gas by Abbey, meant for gas replicas. Compatible with BlowBack replicas. Does not contain silicon, which makes it ideal for usage with replicas with Hop-Up system.

The gas is intended, first and foremost, for sniper rifle and automatic rifle replicas. It is characteristic for its increased pressure compared to standard motor gases, which positively influences its effectiveness during usage in long firearms replicas. It is worth to note that the usage of Brut Sniper Gas in order to power sidearm replicas may increase the mechanical stress on internal and external parts of the replica. 

The use of a gas of increased efficiency, without a moisturizing agent, requires maintenance with the use of proper lubricants.

New version of Brut Sniper Gas is: 

- greater power and efficiency
- dry formula that provides better operation of Hop-Up system without moisturizing the bucking
- carefully selected mixture of ingredients that provides the replica with optimal power and efficiency
- seamless operation also during continuous fire


Brut Sniper Gas
Green Gas
High pressure
Geschikt voor
Koude omstandigheden
Zware metalen bolt replica
Niet geschikt voor
Grenade launcher
Japanse en kunststof replica
Warme omstandigheden
Metaal, lang, 17mm
Tussen 0° en 15°
Ja, siliconen


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